Monday, July 25, 2011

holiday: adventures 3

And the adventures continue...

The longer I stay in England the more I feel I will miss my friends and the country itself so much when I go, but I also know that the longer I stay away from home, the more I will miss my friends and the USA. I'm definitely stuck in one of those ironically nice conundrums.

After playing with Mr. Tubby I came back and made peach raspberry pie for my dessert-needing friends. By the time it was out it was about 10pm. Late night pie.

I went to Cat's flat to watch Badlands. I had been looking forward to seeing it very much and it lived up to the anticipation for me :)

The view from her windows.

On Wednesday I met up with Zoe (my one-day famous theatre director friend), to see her friend Morgan in an all-men cast of Midsummer Night's Dream. She had directed this company in previous summers so was interested in how they would be without her...

Unfortuntately the English summer rose to its reputation and started pissing it down, so after sitting under umbrellas (did I mention it was outdoor theatre?) for awhile and getting ourselves suitably soaked they came on and said the show would have to end :( So while we waited for Morgan and the guys to pack up the whole stage etc we went and got drinks as big as our heads. Literally. You needed both those handles.

Secretly we both enjoyed catching up more rather than watching the theatre, but shh don't tell anyone.

Now that I've been typing I think I actually saw this slug on Monday night after seeing Tree of Life again with Vicky. This picture is almost life size...

It was raining so much last week. We put out buckets.

Thursday night we went to see Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. Very funny. And on the way we passed this cool art installation outside the National Gallery. It's supposed to bring art and nature together. This one was done after Van Gogh's paintings.

Then Friday night I went to see Dom's band (California Gypsies) play near Tottenham Court Rd. They're really good, check them out :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

holiday: adventures 2

This week there were: more adventures with kids, plays, lovely friend time, museums, galleries, tubby baby, tiled pubs, and fancy dress parties.

Starting out Tuesday with a new group, we did things a bit backwards this time, and had time to add some new adventures, like Thomas Struth at the Whitechapel Gallery, and more time to explore the Tate Modern.

some bathroom graffiti at Whitechapel

very cool sculptures at the Tate, these were long rectangles of wood that the artist had cut back by following the natural knotting of the wood to uncover the branch roots again.

Taking photos of Japanese Bauhaus photography, who knew?

knees from the above

A Modigliani that brought tears to my eyes. I like his still sadness.

One of Robert's favorite photographers, John Heartfeld, who was a photomonteur for A/Z before and during the Nazi regime; he used sature to expose the deceptions of politics. This type of photo montage literally required cutting negatives, much more hands-on than today's photoshop world.

the cross becoming a swastika
his images are powerful

lying on the turbine hall floor to get a great group shot

walking down the southbank, this time the end destination for dinner was Covent Garden. The kids went off to get food and, like last time, I was invited to dinner and the theatre afterwards, where we sat up among the clouds and spent most of the time making airplane and heights jokes. It was great.

Mr tubby, aka Phoenix, aka MASSIVE! He's grown so much.... in a week? On Thursday I spent about 45 minutes dancing with him, he is quite particular about how he dances. By the end of the time I felt like I had been in the gym for a couple of hours, talk about a sack of flour! But I'm going to help out again today :)

Very cool tiles near Liverpool St, can you see where the tiles end and the painting starts?

Cat double phoning it!

And last night's fancy dress party at Zoe's, her flatmate is going away traveling with a friend... for a year! so you had to dress like a thing or person he may encounter on the journey. There was border control at the door, so Zoe and I had to make a border control hat of course.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

holiday: adventures

Through a big coincidence my best friend happens to be in England right now as well. He's teaching on a program that travels to Oxford, Paris, then Tuscany... jealous yet? Did I mention that they spend a week at a private villa in Tuscany? Yea...

On Friday he came to London with his class of 6 students and I joined as an art historian/someone who knows their way around.

It was a blast.

free piano outside the Museum of London

Diane Arbus at the Tate Modern

challenging the kids to do their own street photography, resulting in hilarious events

And taking the Thames Clipper to Greenwich (one of my favorite things in London).

Not only did they pay for my tickets to exhibits, the program also invited me to dinner and paid for me to join them at a great show at the Soho Theatre. All in all, lots of fun was had. And it was great to spend some time with someone who lives the equivalent driving time away from me in the USA as a plane ride to London.

Hoping to have an encore this coming Tuesday. I may re-jig their schedule if I'm allowed, take out some of the things that weren't so great, and add in some other photo exhibitions that look promising :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

life: lil

oh, sometimes I think she knows what she's doing...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

holiday: happy 4th

Luckily, since we now live in the city of independence I got to see real fireworks before heading back over the pond for 3 weeks. You see, in Philly we get fireworks in the build-up to the 4th as well. But even with that being said, it was still very exciting last night when Vicky remembered she had a whole bunch of unused sparklers from bonfire night!

unfortunately I only had an iPhone for photos, so no pretty long exposures with writing here, like on rockstar diaries, but still some pretty exposures :)

the most complete circle we achieved

yay sparklers!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

week: June 13th

Images that inspired me the week of June 13th...
I'm in a bit of a backlog, I'll catch up soon, promise.

Friday, July 1, 2011

craft: liberty fabric aw11

Liberty has some sneak preview information about their new Autumn/Winter 2011 art fabrics...

"Art and popular music are entwined as Liberty worked with musicians who have links to the art world and artists with links to the music world. They were invited to contribute to a rich and varied collection in a range of different fabrics, from Tana Lawns to exquisite Crepe de Chines. The Liberty Design Team have created a dynamic collection of new print designs, while also re-invigorating their classic designs from the archive.

The collection is divided into seven different design groups with five colour stories, each highlighting a different aspect of music. From colourful fabrics inspired by early rock’n’roll, to a selection of archive prints specially chosen by critically acclaimed singer Florence Welch, Liberty Rocks encapsulates the creativity and energy that has defined pop and rock over the last 50 years."

For more info go here

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