Friday, October 30, 2009


Almost time for Halloween and all I want to do is make lots of pumpkin themed cookies and cupcakes, dress in black, carve my pumpkin, and pray to all gods possible that the gas men finish the job and give us hot water again! pleeeaaaaseeeee!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I was recently reminded of the differences in British English and American English. Usually I am complimented for not sounding "American" (which I take to mean, I don't have a really obvious, twangy, ear-piercing accent), but this past week my vocabulary has failed me.

The two culprits?

1) My inability to pronounce the 'h' in some words. For example- honest, herb (I really get made fun of for 'erb)

2) Autumn vs. Fall- over here the season is not fall, it is autumn, and I have been reminded a few times of that. I can only assume they do this because they don't want me to forget that over here leaves do not turn wonderful colors and FALL off trees into great big crunchy piles.

So autumn it is ;)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

bunny of the week 25

I went looking for the source after CJ sent me the bunny. And in doing so I discovered all these other equally as cool, equally as overpriced necklaces.

Lots of good crafts eh?

Monday, October 26, 2009

taco time

We actually made these earlier in the week. I got very excited when during a trip to the local cornershop I discovered loads of American cooking supplies- the most exciting being the taco shells, refried beans, and corn tortillas!

I have also introduced SJ to grilled cheese on corn tortillas. Big new favourite.

I was gifted with a big pumpkin on Friday :) Didn't get to carve it this weekend, but should get it done before the 31st!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

bird feeders

We have 3 bird feeders in our back garden. The garden is frequented by many local animals, including a very fat pigeon, an acrobatic squirrel, a skittish cat, and a variety of little birds (such as blue tits).

All of this means that the bird seed gets eaten very quickly.

it's fun to spot the wildlife in the mornings now

but we need to rig a new contraption to deter this adaptable squirrel.
(look at those little feet!)

Breakfast biscuit sandwiches have been requested for breakfast so time to eat!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

life as a musical

I have always thought the world would be a much better place if life really was a like a musical. If instead of our normal, mundane, daily interactions, people randomly broke into song to express themselves.

Seems like the people at Improv Everywhere are on the same wavelength...

doesn't that look like a great world to be in?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

tuesday inspiration: michelle williams take 2

can't remember where I found these pictures of michelle williams, but I think they are especially pretty and natural.

time to bring back tuesday inspiration I think.

cold winter tuesdays always call for a bit of inspiration.

Monday, October 19, 2009

weekend home style: bunny styling

I decided to post this on a Monday even though it's not really the weekend anymore, because this is a house that completely revolves around its bunny inhabitants.

first hint of rabbits- see pillow

i lov rabtz


cool bunny hutch that disappears into the room.
I just have one question for these people- how do you get a house bunny not to poop everywhere?

a good solution for how to use all those weird nooks in a room- bunny hutches!

another bunny pillow and real bunny.
on a side note- I really like that old odds and ends filing cabinet

bunny basket


I think that is the most bunnified house I have ever seen. I'm not sure if even I could handle living with bunnies 24/7 ;)

Friday, October 16, 2009

lazy foods

dinners lately have consisted of looking in the fridge and throwing together some ingredients in a haphazard fashion, crossing fingers and hoping it will all work out. Luckily, we seem to have the kitchen gods on our side.

for an example here is wednesday night's quiche/souffle hodgepodge

On another note, we made gingerbread cookies using our new Ikea cookie cutters. After having a mini fight with the oven, which concluded with me deciding that only one pan at a time should be put in a gas oven, we had cookies!

a true sign that autumn has come

Thursday, October 15, 2009

boat, walks, family

two weekends ago SJ and I met up with his two aunts, one uncle and a cousin.
We took a boat trip down the Thames from Westminster to Kew.
The flood barrier was up because the tide was going to be 7 meters so we could only go as far as Kew instead of to Richmond with our original plans.

our guide pointed out all that all the boats with the red cross flags were ones in the original Dunkirk invasion.

more boats

one of the many power stations no longer in use :(
our guide kept lamenting how the river is not being used like it should be

a church on either side of the bridge

second church

I saw a little boy skipping stones near one of the many boat clubs along the northerly part of the Thames

Harrod's Furniture Depository- now luxury apartments

The Dove- a very tiny pub that we have been to a few times in Hammersmith; claim to fame as having the smallest bar in England

Cool ivy-covered house

from what I gathered- hanging a hay block signals that the bridge is of a certain height so cannot accommodate all boats?


riverside homes- a lot of homes either have flood gates in front of their doors or have their doors up stairways like the two on either side.

a picture hanging inside our boat

After the boatride/tour we began the search for somewhere to have lunch. We settled into a pub where we got assorted lunches. I had fishpie and SJ got mediterranean tart.

For dessert- SJ's 'school jam pudding' with cream

my berries n ice cream!

a grand home on the walk from Kew to Richmond

SJ and Aunt Judith

SJ, Sheila, Judith, Ken

We then took the tube back into the center. Sheila parted ways to head back home, but the rest of us continued to Trafalgar Square to see who would be on the 4th Plinth.

Instead we happened across the massive Diwali celebrations.

lots more people than it looks

We got to see the changing over of the 4th Plinth 'One and Other'- as we watched we saw a man in a kilt going on and joked about who would win in a competition between a bagpiper and the Indian music playing on loudspeakers. Then he pulled a bagpipe out of his case!
Here he is playing till he is blue in the face :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ah youth

yesterday SJ and I were thinking back to the TV shows we watched as children.
After being told about Super Ted and Banana Man I gave him an introduction to The Magic School Bus...

Monday, October 12, 2009

welcome to the working week

Bah, what a busy weekend!
Went straight from work to the train station to go visit SJ's family for the weekend.
Saturday with Dad,
Sunday with Mom and Grandparents.
Return to London again Sunday evening.
Back at work today.

I feel a bit like a spinning top that just keeps spinning.
I joked around recently with having a "Stay-cation", but now I think we will seriously have one soon!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

paul strand

I've always been enamoured with the photography of Paul Strand ever since I first learned about him in Intro to Photography many a year ago. I recently was made aware of this book by Paul Strand and I wish I could get a hold of a copy to see some of the photos inside.

Maybe there will be some similar landscapes like this in black and white?

But with a lot more local Scots of course.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

rainy, cloudy, cold

only such a chic look like this could brighten up the dreary, rainy, cold day that we're having in London right now. I just want to huddle up with a blanket and a book and close out the wetness.

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