Wednesday, September 17, 2008

new york fashion week

One of the things that I love the most about fashion week is that you see lots of fashionable women out and about and strutting their newest finds.  London fashion week is coming up soon!

Red dress and those cute 50s heels.

I like the strange combination of the avant-gardish dress with those llbean look-alike boot-heels.

Pretty yellow.

Sequin dress dressed down with grey boots.

I like the black crocheted dress with blazer.

Simple and chic.

Fall florals.

Big black blazer.

Simple outfit made funky with a long fuzzy vest.

Comfy but stylish.

Lauren Hutton, I think she's so effortlessly chic and the picture of someone who has aged gracefully.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tuesday inspiration: bonnie (faye dunaway)

I remember the first time I saw Bonnie and Clyde (1967) in Dr. Chipman's Film Study course my junior year of high school.  In fact, his course was the first time I heard of imdb (the internet movie database), which I now frequent.

Faye Dunaway plays Bonnie Parker in this movie, the co-conspirator to Warren Beatty's Clyde Barrow.  She is incredibly chic, even in the most dangerous of situations, and even in the last scene, as hundreds of bullets are pummeling their car, she still looks fashionable.

I like her use of black and creams, berets, and comfy/casual knits.

Monday, September 15, 2008

pasta and boots

I like making my own pasta.  A week ago we tried tortellini stuffed with mushroom and ricotta, then a few days ago I made gnocchi from the best gnocchi recipe ever.

Folding them was the most fun part.

So soft and delicate, not like the hard, lumpy, floury version you get in stores.

In other news, I window shopped for too long on those perfect black ankle boots and now they are sold out in my size, so I've moved on to contemplating their sister boots- the same in grey...

Friday, September 12, 2008


Now that the weather is getting cold(er) outside, all I can think about are boots.  I already have a pretty good collection of high boots between here and the USA.  I have brown, purple, beige, and black.  I also have one pair of short-wedge heeled grey booties that were on sale a few years ago from Anthropologie which are very cute with nice detailing.

But now I'm craving more, I can't help but think that I need a pair of black ankle boots and who knows what else.  

This Anthropologie spread on how to wear boots has not helped me resist either.

My favourites are the perfect grey boots with that red knit dress and dark grey tights!

Look at those beautiful yellow boots with grey and black.

I have been trying to resist these Topshop boots for awhile now. Let's see if I continue to hold out...

Living in London, I also wonder why I have never brought my wellies over... the perfect shoe for a rainy day...
Oh boots, boots, boots...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

tuesday inspiration: scarlett johansson

She's just really beautiful.  Not much more to say. 

But her movies aren't so great. I think my favourites so far are Lost in Translation, In Good Company, and The Other Boleyn Girl.

Monday, September 8, 2008

weekend food wrap

I haven't done a food post in awhile, so here are some of the best dishes I have made in the past month or so.

This dish was really a haphazard splodge of stuff I thought would go well together.  The night before I had made a really nice curry, so I was still in the mood for curried warm flavours.  For this I sauted some onion with mushroom, while boiling red lentils with a bit of orzo pasta for texture in another pot.  I then added spices to the mushroom mix- cumin, tumeric, paprika, and some chilli peppers.  After both had cooked well I added them together and then finished them off with chopped coriander, cashews and raisins.  Perfection.

This was a seafood pasta with wine sauce- mussels, squid rings, prawns...

This was really delicious as well.  I first put some potatoes to boil for the mash and sauted some onions with balsamic for the topping.  I then seasoned some cod with salt and pepper, and finely chopped the remaining coriander which I coated on one side of the cod, pan frying it coriander side down for a few minutes.  Once it was browned I finished it off in the oven, finished the mash, and ate.

Oh, and here's a picture of the bike before the fiasco....

and after someone went to town on it...

notice anything missing? 

Friday, September 5, 2008

jcrew fall 08

I know I've been posting a lot about clothes lately, but I can't help it since all the stores are coming out with their new fall lines now.  It seems that everytime I go online or pass a shop they are new, interesting clothes.

Today it's J.Crew.  

Isabel Blouse $88, Pencil Skirt $128, Leather Belt $55, Heels $225

Herringbone Fiona Jacket $198, Distressed Jeans $135, Wool Thigh-Highs $18.50, Mary-Janes $235, Hobo $298

Puffer $118, Silver Skirt $175, Cashmere Hoodie $188, Henley $34.50, Mary Janes $238

Cashmere Stripe Cardigan $188, Chinos $59.50, Fedora $68

Tissue Turtleneck $39.50, Wool Pant $139.50, Clutch $85

Coat $365, Shirtdress $225, Clutch $98, Heels $250

Cardigan $110, Stretch Shirt $59.50, Heels $230, Pearls $200

Dress $138, Kelly Shirt $54, Heels $278, Tie $49.50

Wool-Cashmere Cardigan $145, Cotton-Silk Shirt $68, Skirt $165, Heels, $248, Belt $48

Sleek looks.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

fall lines

Here are a few collages of Fall 2008 shows that I found to be particularly beautiful.  You can definitely see my love for dark winter palettes....

Stella McCartney (I like her knits)

Dolce & Gabbana (nice vintage feel)

Erin Fetherston (beautiful florals and knits)

Philip Lim (I like the Peter Pan hats and slouchy coats)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I love this music video. It makes me, for lack of another word, happy.

tuesday inspiration: marion cotillard

I think Marion Cotillard is a real raven haired beauty.  She first struck me in Big Fish as Josephine, the pregnant, kindly wife, and now I am dying to see her in La Vie En Rose, but I will have to wait until it's out on DVD or downloadable now!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Harper's continued...

* click on images to enlarge
39-50; my favourites are 45 and 47 (more about COS later)

Liberty ad

Ways to work the Gilet/Vest

A designer who works entirely in sweater knits; I love her outfit.

I love the purple dresses and the casual, slouchy suit look in the tweeds.

How to dress as a work at home woman.  Again, I like her casual, but chic looks.

An editorial in black and white.

Very 60s

Scribble dress

Remember MASH?

Intimate photo of Bella Freud by Mary McCartney from a feature of photos.  I really like her bed and linens.

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